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(Photos used with permission from the American Library Association)

1. Descending from the World of Tomorrow, fairgoers see Library 21 from above. [see plan]

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Overview of Library 21
2. Approaching the bridge walkway to Library 21. [see plan]
3. To the left is IBM's display on the exponential growth of human communications. [see plan]
4. Looking ahead to the entrance. [see plan]
5. A closer look at the IBM display. [see plan]
6. Entering the exhibit and looking to the right: the Univac instructions for querying the "great minds of the past." [see plan]
7. Univac keypunch stations. [see plan]
8. Univac computer and printer. [see plan]
9. Univac tape drives. [see plan]
10. From the intersection between the two circular exhibit spaces, looking back toward the entrance along the righthand side of the first circle. [see plan]
11. From the same vantage point, looking back toward the entrance along the lefthand side of the first circle. [see plan]
12. Almost the same view. [see plan]
13. Continuing back towards the entrance, with adult reading area on the left. [see plan]
14. Intersection between adult reading area and reference area. [see plan]
15. Reference area: a Xerox 914 copier soon took the place of the plain table at center left. [see plan]
16. Reference Desk. [see plan]

17. From near the entrance, looking right (reference area).[see plan]

18. Back at the intersection of the two circles, looking straight back towards entrance. [see plan]
19. Turning around and looking ahead into the second circle: Xerox Theatre with Learning Resources Center on the left. [see plan]
20. Walking to the left, towards the Learning Resources Center. [see plan]
21. Model "quest" spaces in the Learning Resources Center. [see plan]
22. Continuing clockwise around the second circle: RCA display on global telecommunications. [see plan]
23. Continuing clockwise around the second circle: National Cash Register display on micrography. [see plan]
24. Stairs leading to Children's World on the lower level. Intersection between circles is visible in the background. [see plan]
25. Standing at entrance to the children's storytime theatre and looking towards the reading room. [see plan]
26. At opposite end of reading room, looking back towards storytime theatre with small white stools. [see plan]
27. Another view. [see plan]
Future librarian
28. Now will you tell me a story?


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