Stories from the Rainier Beach Library



Christopher's Jump Rope

Christopher was collecting money for some charitable project at school. "If I collect enough, I can win a jump rope!" he told me earnestly. He showed me the picture of the jump rope. My heart melted. I couldn't imagine getting excited about winning a jump rope, even when I was eleven. "Well, if you ask me again, when I'm outside taking my break, I'll see what I have in my purse," I said. I ended up giving him two dollars.

A few weeks later, I arrived at the library mid-afternoon, after having covered the desk at another branch during their staff meeting. The kids were already out of school, playing around in the parking lot. As I parked my car, I heard Christopher's voice ringing out above all the rest.

"Viiiicky! Vicky! I got it!! My jump rope!!!"

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